Change of Plans

We are living in unprecedented times because of this outbreak. The wedding industry is full of questions and concerns. And Brides who had planned to get married this spring are now having to reconsider their options. I have had multiple brides ask my advice on what to do, how to make the decision, and most importantly when to make the decision.

First of all, I'd like to go by what I now call the 8 Week Call. If your wedding date falls between now and the next 8 weeks it is now time to make the call. If it does not then there is no need to worry, stress, or make a definite decision until its time.

Now if your wedding date falls between the next eight weeks I would advise you to seriously consider next steps:

  • Reschedule


  • Elope


The call to reschedule your wedding date is a tough one. You've spent countless hours planning, the excitement has been building since you said yes, and you've booked every detail from the venue to the color of your shoes.

Postponing comes with its own set of difficulties. Gracefully Created is dedicated to helping our couples make it through these difficult times. When discussing whether or not to postpone first and foremost contact your venue. Many venues have closed their doors because of CDC guidelines. Before postponing contact all of your vendors, everybody is very willing to help navigate these big changes. We are here for you.

If you do make the decision to reschedule, after you've talked to your vendors about your date change it is now time to inform your guests.

My favorite invitation update that I recommend wholeheartedly is found on Etsy by Unmeasured Events.

Click on the picture above to access the link.

For $8 you can purchase an online template, personalize, and send it out via email or text. Or you can choose to send them to your local printer to print and mail to your guests. It could not be easier and the best part is that purchasing and sending it out can be completely digital so it complies with that little phrase that we are living by. Social Distancing.

Tip: Every color and font are fully customizable to suit your individual needs.

I know that this decision to postpone and reschedule for a later date can be difficult. Lots of couples have spent $10,000 or more on this once in a lifetime day. Postponing can be a difficult decision but ultimately you will enjoy your wedding more if you know with certainty your guests' health will not be at stake.

During this difficult time I want to encourage you with this quote by Maya Angelou:

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”


Not going to lie but my husband and I seriously considered eloping two years ago before we got married. Long story short, we didn't. But I still think elopements can be so beautiful and such a special moment between you and your honey and your close family.

Some Pros to Eloping: Cheaper, Easier, And let's be honest you'll have a fun story to tell your kids someday.

Whether or not eloping is for you that's up to you to decide. But...

For those of you considering eloping, I am pleased to announce our new Elopement or Small Wedding Package (for up to 10 people) that is designed for you in mind. For an investment of $350, you have full access to me and my planning and design experience.


  • Personalized assistance in planning your event, including a ceremony coordinator

  • Assistance in finding a photographer

  • Destination planning

  • Assistance with acquiring a wedding license and officiant

  • Gorgeous floral bouquet and boutonniere

  • Timeline construction

  • Pinterest worthy designs

As well as full access to me via, phone, text, and email.

If you feel this option is for you and your honey, don't wait and contact now to start discussing the next steps.

Together we can come up with a new plan for a beautiful wedding, just a little smaller than originally planned.

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